Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Progress? No progress....

I've been trying out different knitting podcasts to see which ones I should subscribe to and which ones are better off left unaired. I kind of liked Stitch Stud and his Bride--it's produced by a guy--I'm not sure of his name. Anyway, he adapted some kind of personality assessment to categorize the personalities of knitters. He proposed that there were four different kinds--I fell into the "deadline" category. I set deadlines for my projects, hoping this will motivate me to actually complete some of my WIPs. But this is difficult.

My mother used to listen to someone named Ralph Snodsmith on the radio. He had a gardening show and the theme song went something like "inch by inch, row by row, someone make my garden grow." I'd like to replace "garden" with "sweater". I keep knitting and knitting...and we're inching along. It's not like I'm knitting in the round.

So I've made a list of all my potential projects--they number over 50--and put together kind of a calendar that should be reasonable. Oh, I'm sure God is laughing somewhere.

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