Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Eight Weeks Until Stitches East

I had to change some of my classes for Stitches East because I signed up for the exact same ones at Midwest. Well, at least I'm consistent. I'll be taking top down knitting, sweater design and a color class.

I looked at the supplies needed and homework assignments--only one of my classes requires homework--yippee! This is good because despite my best intentions, I end up frantically knitting homework swatches during my other classes.

Speaking of intentions, I really wanted that Tilli Tomas sweater finished in time for Midwest and that passed me by. Then I thought, well, I'll finish it while I'm in Chicago--no go (I was knitting swatches for classes). Would really like to get it done by the end of this week so I can wear it to my grandfather's 100th birthday party (Happy Birthday, Pop-Pop) but that's unlikely because I've been obsessed with a new sweater design.

I took the yarns I was using for my Stashology 201 class and have begun a sweater (I'll have to get back to you on the designer and details). I liked the randomness of nature idea from the class, but could not reconcile myself to all those knots, so I'm making it striped. This may have been a mistake because now I'm obsessing over having enough of each yarn so the front and back match. I'm also now thinking 4 rows of Aura might have been a mistake. Ah, well.

If I ever get around to organizing and storing my stash instead of having all the open boxes line the walls of my bedroom, I'm going to put away "summer" weight projects and concentrate on the woolens. Not that I'm rushing the season!

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