Monday, September 29, 2008

I Love Sparkly Things

Unfortunately I'm having a problem keeping track of my projects. I started this Artful Yarn shrug--it's brown silk mohair with beads and sequins, but I can't find it! Have to make my way through the piles of summer clothes set aside for the semi-annual closet turnover to try to uncover it as well as my pearls (yes, I'm on a roll--in a downward direction!).

So in the meantime, I started a bolero using Trendsetter Aura. I thought it was a beige color but it ends up being gray. I like it a lot and it's going fairly quickly. However, I only have three skeins and will need more. I haven't checked to see if the color is available--oh I like living on the edge. I'm going to need a metallic yarn in light worsted weight for the trim.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Fall

And where has September gone? I can't really say I've been excessively busy so I have no good excuse for not posting. To catch you up, I mailed the last package to my SP 12 recipient. I'm not sure she liked the last package--she never alerted me that she received it but did mention it on her blog. This time I gave her a hand-dyed purple nubby skein that would make a nice scarf, a skein of ombre sock yarn--I forget the name of it but I was intrigued because the fiber is impregnated with some kind of lotion that rubs off on the knitter's hands to moisturize them and then also moisturizes the feet of the wearer of the socks--so clever! I also put in a tiny skein of novelty yarn--it's beaded and purple. The yarn is rounded out with a purple tape measure, needle sizer pendant and some NYC souvenirs. I hope she likes it as much as I liked my SP 12 packages.

Actually, I LOVED my packages--every single one of them. The last package had some beautiful ombre fingering weight yarn and three (yes, I said THREE!) skeins of Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere--oh so beautiful. I swear I went and washed my face so I could rub them on my cheek--they are so soft and fluffy--I love them! There were also other goodies in the package, like a really nice knitting journal and some KnitPick needles and chocolate--a wonderful bar of Godiva chocolate that I ate on the spot and something very unusual--its called Brix. At first I thought it was a bar of soap because it comes packaged elegantly in a box. On closer inspection I realized that it is a bar of chocolate specially formulated to enhance the flavor of red wine. Now that is a wonderful idea, don't you agree? Thank you, Barb (sipknitter)!

Since I cannot ever work on just one thing, I have made some progress on my Rowan Cocoon pullover, the Tahki Bianca/Blue Sky Suri Merino cardigan and that (darned) Log Cabin blanket. I have also started a Snuggle for the Sit and Knit NY group, a hat for Hat Attack 2 and a neck warmer for the Sit and Knit NY exchange.

I love the neckwarmer--I had gotten the pattern in Dallas, TX a while ago and have some yarn to make it with, but never got the chance (or was motivated--I think I was daunted by the cables and ruffles involved). The woman I was assigned wanted cables so I found the pattern, bought some Frog Tree merino at Modern Yarn in Montclair, NJ and cast on. The cable is actually a "mock" cable so it was pretty quick to knit the main body. The first ruffle is knit on the bottom and then a second ruffle is knit along the cast on edge. I finished the first ruffle last night and picked up the stitches for the second ruffle and started working the increase rows early this AM. I'm a little confused because I picked up the 130 stitches on the RS but you're supposed to start on the RS--my fault for not understanding the instructions. So I had made it through four rows of the second ruffle and wanted to finish the last three and bind off at lunchtime today, but realized that I was making the ruffle backwards! So I ripped it back--luckily I just went down to the first row and didn't have to go through the pick up exercise again (that was a little tricky!). So I'm now where I thought I was this morning. Hopefully I can finish it this evening. The exchange meeting isn't until early October, but I do want to wash it and block it nicely. I'm debating whether to crochet on loops for buttons or not.

I have taken two classes at the Skein Attraction in Teaneck, NJ recently. The first one was to make a scarf with a reversible cable in Touch Me. I struggled a bit with the pattern on either side of the cable and realized I was working too loosely. Touch Me has a tendency to worm and even though I'm going to felt the scarf, it would be obvious. So that had to be frogged.

I did much better at the Charlotte's Web class. This is lace knitting using Koigu. I had originally bought yarn in blue colorways and tried making it on my own with limited success. I opted for new colors in an autumnal (browny-beige-greenish) colorway and with the wonderful instructions from Adina at Skein, was able to "get" it. I don't always pay close enough attention and have to do a lot of counting and tinking to ensure I have the right number of stitches but I am in love with it. The colors are gorgeous, if I do say so myself, and this is going to be a work of art (again, if I do say so myself).

The other things I'm excited about the new spiral hat I'm making myself with Kureyon and novelty yarn and the cardigan I'm going to make in Suri Merino in a gray colorway called Fog. I am toying with the idea of cat buttons--I have several that are rather small and each has a mouse dangling from it. I guess I have lots of time to decide since I haven't cast on yet.

And finally, I am dead. I received the death blow from my assassin in Hat Attack 2 yesterday. I have to say though that I am delighted. She knit it in brown and white which are excellent colors for me and the hat is large enough for me to wear (unlike the weapon I got in Hat Attack 1). Unfortunately for my assassin, redhead1968, I haven't made much progress on my hat so I'm mailing it off to her today so she can finish it and "off" my target. I have to say, I didn't mind getting killed when I got the hat!