Monday, April 14, 2008

Pulse Check
My mother mentioned that a friend of the family may be interested in helping me finish some of my UFOs. So I went through my UFO list and came up with about 10 different things I could just hand over--a black cardigan, a beige alpaca cardi, a throw made of Biggie wool and a sweater for my nephew--and several others. Worth looking into!
The top photo shows the progress on my Inaugural Scarf I'm working on in a KAL. I knit a few rows about once a week on the bus to work. I'm at the end of the first two skeins of Silk Garden and I'm loving it.
The second project is the Cherry Bomb from Big Girl's Knit--I love the help with sizing and this will be the first time I'm trying short rows for bust shaping. I'm using Rowan Handknit DK cotton in a color called Fruit Punch and I'm really enjoying the hand.
I picked up the orange Stain Glass Swing Sweater from my LYS--they put it together for me. It's okay--the color is just not at all appropriate for Spring and the sleeves are a little tight-ish. The thing that really aggravated me though was that they didn't sew on the button--there is only one and I provided it to them and for $75.00 to sew the sweater together, they omitted the button. The yarn itself was over $200 (used Manos and La Gran Mohair) plus the cost of finishing--you would think the button would be included, wouldn't you?
The other potential problem I have is the Panel Jacket I started as part of the Yahoo Group Ample Knitters KAL--I'm using Vanna's Choice which is knitting up nicely. I'm going to have to change needles--it's just not smooth--I've been trying to knit this on the bus too--it's straight garter stitch so it's easy and portable but no so much fun so far. The sweater is made with 10 panels plus sleeves and collar and I'm only on the first panel so that gives you an idea of how it's going. I'll try a different pair of needles before I decide whether to proceed.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Memories of the Stitch and Beach Cruise
It's hard to believe that I got back from the cruise more than six weeks ago. We left out of NY on February 27 and sailed to the Caribbean. While we were at sea, we had knitting classes with Debbie Stoller and Shannon Okey, pictured here below the photo of Bitty and the contents of the goody bag we got for attending.
One of the more interesting people I met was a woman named Laurie who was actually in the service--she is the staff photographer for General Petraeus in Iraq. I didn't know that in the beginning and the other women in the classes referred to her as Laurie, the Photographer. It was only later that I learned why. The group got together quietly and knitted or crocheted squares that Debbie sewed together into the blanket she is holding in the photo. We gave it to her the last night at sea during the final Stitch n Bitch to remember the trip. Very nice work for under a week I think.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Back in the Groove...of Blogging, at Least

I finally found the cable for my camera so I could download (or is it upload?) the photos from the knitting cruise. Here's the cardigan I started in one of the classes I took--it was a Design Your Own sweater class so this will be custom fit for me. I'm using a yarn called Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK. I originally bought the yarn to make a Log Cabin throw for myself but I hated the reverse side of the garter stitch pick up.

I made up the "design" as I went along using several of the slip stitch patterns I learned on the cruise and augmented additional stitch patterns from some design books I had at home. The rest of the rows are 4 rows of stockinette and 2 rows of garter stitch in each colorway. There are a zillion ends to be sewn in but I love working with this yarn--of course I'm using Addi Turbos so I'm sure that helps. I've started the right front and hope to motor through.

I took the Orange Stained Glass sweater to my LYS for finishing and they've called so I hope to be able to go pick it up today--if it fits and nicely done, I'll wear it tomorrow to a Client meeting.

Meanwhile, I've joined the Big Girl Knits Yahoo Group and am enjoying the discussion of the new designs. There will be a KAL soon--we just don't know what pattern yet. I have my favorites I'm hoping for--they're good for the "butt and belly" girls like me. But of course I need to finish the cruise cardi. I also need to decide whether I want to continue the Ample Knitter KAL--it's a nice jacket but it's all garter stitch and it's boring...I may need to switch to Noro or something that will be more interesting for me--it's made in panels so it should be easily portable for the bus and train.

Photos from the cruise to follow shortly!

Friday, April 04, 2008

I Know, I Know

I've misplaced the cable for my camera (I don't make it easy for the cleaning service!) so I haven't been able to update the blog with photos from the cruise or any of my new projects. I will make an effort this weekend to find it and begin posting.