Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas is Coming

Going to make an effort to finish the KAL this year. My plan is to use life lines and to skip patterns that stump me. I gave up some where in the first week last year because the bobbles threw off my stitch count more times than I care to remember--this year, if I have to rip back more than 3 times, I'm waiting for the next day. The scarf will be plenty long unless I run into trouble more than once a week.

On the more positive side, I have some Karabella Lace Merino in a beige color. I'm going to use beads; I have some metallic beads from Twisted Sistah that are shades of browns and tans that should show up very nicely. I have some reds that I could use too and would be more festive for the holiday theme, but no yarn for that. I do have some natural lace weight that I could use with crystal beads. I guess I should swatch?