Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Judy's Booty from Stitches

I love shopping. I especially love shopping for yarn and yarn related accessories. I bought some more Tilli Tomas Disco Lights, this time in a cream-ish color and some Trendsetter Aura in Parchment. I will knit these together into something--right now I'm thinking scarf but I didn't like the swatch I knit in garter stitch and I don't like the reverse side of stockingette in a scarf. So this will require more thought.

I went to the demo on embellishments at the Market and loved what the ladies from Coldwater Collective were showing. I wanted their hat pattern and was a little embarrassed to learn what they showed were tea cozies. Ooops! I bought the felted snowman kit and an extra ball of Aura so my snowman will glitter. If that works out well, I'll order the hat patterns for the snowman--these were incredibly darling little boaters and other hats for all seasons.

I also ordered the Christmas ornament patterns from Two Old Bags--these were so cute and they had them artfully hung on a string around their business desk--they obviously were VERY popular because they were sold out by the time I noticed them.

Speaking of ordering, I originally met The Needle Lady at TKGA in New Hampshire. She had a sample sweater in her booth that I just loved--it's made of Colinette Zanziba and Fandango (love the yarns and the names). I search The Market for something similar and was disappointed until Saturday when I took the vendor's guide and looked around for anyone selling Colinette--I hope I didn't frighten the poor woman when I found her because I got so excited...she was very patient with me as I tried to narrow the colorway I wanted--she'll ship me my skeins...very exciting and I only had to pack the pattern book for the trip home.

The other interesting things I purchased were buttons for the Coral Sap Disco Lights sweater, WIP tubes that hold your DPNs for sock knitting and other projects and some mesh frames for purses. Which reminds me, I have to get the purse I'm knitting for my sister out of the trunk of my car. She got taken to the emergency room last week (nothing serious, thank goodness!) and I spent my time there unraveling the mess some unnamed cat made of it (LUCY!).

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