Sunday, December 05, 2010

Oh By Gosh, By Golly
I'm following the 24 Days of Christmas
Advent Calendar Scarf knit-a-long graciously posted by Wollkistchen at
Today is Day 5 but I have ripped back 3-4 times already because Day 2--NUPPS--proved challenging. I've developed the need for perfection over the past few years and needed the NUPPS to be uniform. I started out producing something closer to bobbles, but that was time consuming and less fun. My NUPPS were slightly better until I broke out additional stitch markers so I could differentiate between the yarn overs and the 7 stitch NUPP on the wrong side.
I'm using Lorna Laces Shepherd Sport Solid--it's undyed, so the color is natural and I had some pearlized beads for the yarn. The pattern calls for very small beads (9/0 appeared to translate to 2 mm)--I could not manage them with this weight yarn (the pattern calls for laceweight but I'm {virtuously} using yarn from my stash. Plus, I'm already on size 2 needles for yarn--I would hate working smaller!).
I've got Day 1, the spacer section and one repeat for Day 2 done. Hope to finish Day 2 and 3 today. Since it's lace, I will only be able to work on this in the evenings. Very exciting!