Sunday, December 02, 2007

Just in Time

I finished two hats last weekend and just in time--we've got the first snowfall today. The original hat was supposed to be for my nephew who requested an alpaca hat after his family visited an Island Alpaca on Martha's Vineyard to get some yarn for me. I used a pattern from Knitted Gifts. Unfortunately the child's size was too small for him, so I made him a second hat using adult sizing. Much better.

My sister tried the first hat on my niece and it fit her, but the colorway was exactly "girly" enough for a 7 year old. She brought the hat to me and asked "Can you add some hearts and flowers and unicorns?" Well actually, I could handle the hearts and flowers with needle felting from AC Moore. But a unicorn? We're waiting for buttons from eBay for that.