Sunday, November 04, 2007

Mystery Swap!!!
It's Christmas in November. My mystery swap gift arrived last week but I couldn't retrieve it until my parents kindly ferried me around to run errands while my knee recovers. What a wonderful surprise. The themes I gave were cats, spa and holidays. All my gifts were individually wrapped in Christmas paper and how wonderful they are! Tofutsie sock kit and some lovely Regia--it's a black/gray mix which matches everything I wear. There were needles, darling holiday stitch markers and stockings filled with candy and a holiday bracelet. There were also a Christmas ornament to knit myself and reindeer antlers--my Swap partner could not have possibly known that I typically wear some kind of holiday headband when decorating for the holidays. Well, there was also a lovely CD of holiday tunes to listen to while I knit away. Everything was so thoughtful and creative and a lot of fun. My dad teased me that he was relieved there was yarn in the package because he was worried I didn't have enough (LOL). Can't wait to get started...neither can Indie, as you can see.
Meanwhile, I have gotten started on an alpaca vest I designed myself. It's actually pretty simple--button down with a K2 P2 rib and then a K6 P2 pattern. I bought great porcelain buttons that look like cats a while book--this will be a great showcase. It's going pretty quickly (of course I started today and didn't have anything else on my agenda) so I'm excited about this too. Photos to follow.

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