Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Few Too Many Trips to the Frog Pond
I haven't made much progress on my projects. I've been busy at work and had knee surgery earlier this week. Unfortunately, too, I ordered some extra Zanziba and Fandango for my sweater and instead of Tapis, they sent me Lapis. Have to get that straighted out.
I've been bouncing from project to project. These include the Secret of the Stole--I ripped out both points and have begun again. And the Mystic Waters KAL--thank goodness for lifelines. I'm using Koigu for that. I have a gift certificate to a LYS in Manhattan which I could have used and my LYS in NJ has recently begun to offer it. I love the variations in color. But I'm having difficulty with the pattern.
I have been working on the spiral novelty hat I picked up at Stitches. I had to rip out some of that because the some of the novelty yarn was difficult and I ended up with too many stitches. Now I've misplaced the direction--this is what happens to me when I try to get organized! I lose track of things. To ensure I'll really have a nice warm hat for the winter, I've ask my mom to make me a hat from the alpaca my sister brought back from the Vineyard. Which reminds me, I need to get started on the hats for my nephew and my niece. Oh my!
And I've started the feltable snowman project--I actually picked that up at Stitches Midwest--it's fairly easy to do. I figure I need to get started on holiday ornaments if I want to make enough of them to decorate a tree (albeit a small one!). Hopefully I'll have more energy this weekend. I need to finish sorting my needles and log them and the rest of my stash on Ravelry. OOOh, and I mailed my Mystery Swap gift--can't wait to see what comes in the mail for me.

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