Monday, September 17, 2007

Secret of the Stole

I finished my swatch yesterday! I ended up using Frog Tree Alpaca in a Wedgewood blue and #4 needles. Had to rip back several times. I will definitely be using a safety line once I begin the project. I will block it tonight and upload a photo of it soon--my first (intentional) lace!

Taking a hard look at the stash tonight. I feel like I have to prioritize my projects and start getting way more productive. There are at several projects that are almost done. These include three hats--one for my sister and one for Gicell, a colleague at work--they're both feltable; the third is a cashmere hat for me. I just need to finish the rounds on DPNs. There's a vest for my older niece, a shrug and three baby sweaters. And since people are having their babies now...a former work colleague had a beautiful baby girl in August and a former client just had her own lovely girl. Got to get cracking...

I think I'll be more motivated now that the weather here on the east coast has gotten cooler. I keep hearing it's going to warm back up but I don't know. I love the cool brisk day and cooler nights snuggled under a warm and toasty comforter. Someone had their fireplace burning last night--it smelled so good. I'll need one of the three throws I have in progress soon! First there's a big thick throw made from stripes of Biscuit and Cookie Rowan Biggy Print (I think I'm knitting this on #35s!). Then there's a cable throw made from Big Wool--I think the panels alternate Latte and Sandstone (I'm recycling from another project). And the last is my log cabin throw.

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