Monday, September 03, 2007

Organizing the Stash

I pulled out all my yarn with the intention of organizing it months ago, but it's been laying around in a barely controlled mess. I took the opportunity to get started this weekend. I decided to put the cottons and lighter weight projects in less accessible storage and store the works in progress or near to progress more accessibly. Unfortunately my knee seized up halfway through and I had to stop. My parents came to visit and needless to say I was in for some pointed comments about too much yarn. They're going to Ireland and I asked for Irish merino--fat chance!

The good thing about this exercise is that I'm taking inventory and cataloging all the fiber and projects I have going on. Today's goal is to make a concerted effort to be realistic about what I'll do and to donate "extra" yarn.

My LYS was open yesterday. I ran up there for some DK wool for the Christmas ornaments and got some luscious alpaca in red, green and white.

I also got alpaca yarn for a hat for my nephew--they went to an alpaca farm on Martha's Vineyard and bought me a skein of coffee brown for a hat for me. I'm going to experiment with stripes for him. We went with DK weight so it will be nice and soft. I really wanted to use Noro but it's so scratchy.

And I bought some Zara and Kidsilk Haze to make a cupcake from One Skein for my niece. I promised her a cupcake more than a year ago and she asks for it every once in a while. I made the first base yesterday but the join was kind of sloppy looking so I'll try again today. I need to work on making the top bulkier--yesterday's experiment wasn't wide enough.

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