Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Life is Hard, Yard by Yard

I'm in physical therapy for my knee three times a week. I signed up for Aquacise at my community pool twice a week--this is not the elegant synchronized swimming I seemed to have imagined it is. And the pool is open late two nights a week so I have plenty of time to get there. That's an awful lot of working out for me. PT and Aquacise are kicking my butt. Need to ice my knee and my foot (separate problem) every evening.

I'm also in organization mode--well honestly, I hired someone else to organize me. She's a wonderful young woman who is working toward her MBA. She's energetic, enthusiastic and she has not uttered the words "you don't need any more yarn." (That's a keeper!) She actually found the patterns for several of my WIPs. So I can resume knitting on them.

Even better, she found the cable for my camera. I'll be uploading some updated photos soon. It was an eye opening experience for me to update my Ravelry pages--I have three times as many projects in progress than I have different kinds of yarn in my stash. Amazing, really.

Things are a bit uncertain at work so I haven't been focused on my knitting. Well, hopefully I can change that soon, right?


That's Indie, BTW, guarding the beginning of a lap throw made of Rowan Biggy Print.

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