Monday, June 30, 2008

On the Way to Cape May!!!!!!

Actually, I'm home. Spent a lovely long weekend in Cape May, NJ. It's a Victorian seaside resort--apparently the oldest in the USA. The weather was beautiful and I went to the beach with my younger niece and nephew--both are characters in their own ways. My niece and I visited the Fiber Arts Shop ( in town and we bought just a couple of things--some carded novelty yarns--I can make at least two spiral hats for Christmas presents. I also bought a Berrocco pattern book--they had a really pretty sample of a pullover knit in Seduce and Lumina but they didn't have enough of any one color combination for my size.

My niece found Hello Kitty buttons. We bought all of them and then looked for a pink cardigan--yes, I know it's cheating, but it seems to me it will be much quicker to buy a sweater and just replace the buttons.

I'm participating in Secret Pal 12 and we had fun buying gifts for my pal. I'm going to do a holiday theme and started with "seaside holiday." I got her some "beachy" colored sock yarn--it came with a pattern--and some needles. We found earrings in a similar colorway that looked like beach glass, saltwater taffy and a mermaid doll kit...very adorable. I hope she likes them!

Still plugging away on the Log Cabin blanket.

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