Saturday, April 12, 2008

Memories of the Stitch and Beach Cruise
It's hard to believe that I got back from the cruise more than six weeks ago. We left out of NY on February 27 and sailed to the Caribbean. While we were at sea, we had knitting classes with Debbie Stoller and Shannon Okey, pictured here below the photo of Bitty and the contents of the goody bag we got for attending.
One of the more interesting people I met was a woman named Laurie who was actually in the service--she is the staff photographer for General Petraeus in Iraq. I didn't know that in the beginning and the other women in the classes referred to her as Laurie, the Photographer. It was only later that I learned why. The group got together quietly and knitted or crocheted squares that Debbie sewed together into the blanket she is holding in the photo. We gave it to her the last night at sea during the final Stitch n Bitch to remember the trip. Very nice work for under a week I think.

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