Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Back in the Groove...of Blogging, at Least

I finally found the cable for my camera so I could download (or is it upload?) the photos from the knitting cruise. Here's the cardigan I started in one of the classes I took--it was a Design Your Own sweater class so this will be custom fit for me. I'm using a yarn called Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK. I originally bought the yarn to make a Log Cabin throw for myself but I hated the reverse side of the garter stitch pick up.

I made up the "design" as I went along using several of the slip stitch patterns I learned on the cruise and augmented additional stitch patterns from some design books I had at home. The rest of the rows are 4 rows of stockinette and 2 rows of garter stitch in each colorway. There are a zillion ends to be sewn in but I love working with this yarn--of course I'm using Addi Turbos so I'm sure that helps. I've started the right front and hope to motor through.

I took the Orange Stained Glass sweater to my LYS for finishing and they've called so I hope to be able to go pick it up today--if it fits and nicely done, I'll wear it tomorrow to a Client meeting.

Meanwhile, I've joined the Big Girl Knits Yahoo Group and am enjoying the discussion of the new designs. There will be a KAL soon--we just don't know what pattern yet. I have my favorites I'm hoping for--they're good for the "butt and belly" girls like me. But of course I need to finish the cruise cardi. I also need to decide whether I want to continue the Ample Knitter KAL--it's a nice jacket but it's all garter stitch and it's boring...I may need to switch to Noro or something that will be more interesting for me--it's made in panels so it should be easily portable for the bus and train.

Photos from the cruise to follow shortly!

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