Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Focus, or Lack Thereof

I can't seem to concentrate on one project at a time. Last night I tried to start the Hemlock Ring again for the Ready Set Knit KAL to no avail. Then I knit a few rounds on the angora hat. And then knit about 10 rows on the "stained glass" Manos sweater. Oh, and I started a cup cosy with some Kureyon. I'm wondering if it's adult ADD.

Speaking of angora, how do you avoid getting it in your mouth? I certainly don't put the fiber in my mouth but I always seem to end up either angora or mohair in my mouth when knitting with it. And will this be a problem when I'm wearing the garment?

Well, I need to get busy finishing a baby sweater for a friend who is coming to town at the end of January. I certainly have enough of them started so it should be (relatively) easy. Meanwhile I have a list of dog sweaters I need to do too. My original list was 2 dogs, but it's up to four. Luckily three are small and only one is medium. I am amazed at the selection of patterns. I have a pattern for a cabled shrug. I'm going to try felting too.

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