Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Slow Going Again

I don't know what the barrier is but I can't seem to finish things. I did finish the second sleeve for my Disco Lights sweater but haven't sewn it together. I have several baby sweaters I need to assemble because they are gifts--I even bought a blocking board. I also have some hats that need crowns and then need to be felted. What am I waiting for?

I started the first point of the Secret of the Stole on Friday night. That went well. However, I went to my local meetup on Saturday and ripped back several times. I picked it up again on Sunday and am still have problems with the second point. Time is getting away from me--I don't want to fall too far behind!

I picked up the new cotton wool shell I started so I am making progress on something.

Off to Stitches East on Thursday. I'm taking Round Up on Thursday, a design class on Friday, a color class on Saturday and First Choices with Sally Melville on Sunday. I can't wait. I really like taking these classes because I'm engaged both mentally and physically and can't dwell or worry about other things, so it's a real escape for me. And being out of town is a real plus too--I love not being responsible for anything but me sometimes. I won't even have to feed the cats. Just get up, get ready and go to class.

I've printed out information about Baltimore and will choose some restaurants tonight and tomorrow. I'm back on Weight Watchers although I've switched to the Core Plan, which is new for me. I've promised myself I'll do preplanning on food choices so I keep to the plan.

Got to pack.

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