Saturday, July 12, 2014

They Say Bad Things Come In Threes

If that's true, I've certainly exceeded my quota. My neighbor's master bathroom leaked into my living room ceiling, then I missed the memo about proof of dryer vent cleaning being due June 30. These are mild inconveniences compared to the loss of my father and my cat (separate events) and the potential for unemployment looming over me.

I love being a Knitter and I love the fact that when the going gets rough, I can rely on the support of my knitting community.

When Indie (the cat) died, I headed up to my LYS and sat with my friend Mary Lou, also a cat lover. I bought yarn for a hat class I'm taking on Craftsy.

The ladies in the community where my parents live(d) invited me to join their crochet group any time.

And rather than fret and worry about my job, I've been taking classes at Shaina Bilow's Knitting School. There such great positive reinforcement there and I'm making better progress on my WIPs.

Lucy and I are hanging in although we need to get started on the organization of my stash soon. Christmas is only 6 months away and we have two babies due this year. We'll post progress reports soon.

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