Friday, September 23, 2011

The Great Bulky Yarn Clean Out

I'm convinced. After years of accumulating bulky weight yarn with the intention of actually completing quick-to-knit projects, I realize that these are not necessarily flattering to my particular figure. I read about this in one of the Big Girl Knits books and didn't want to believe this is true so I resisted parting with the luscious fibers that promised warmth, extraordinary stitch definition and a good chance of finishing a sweater.

I've got Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky, Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande (in two colors!), some Tahki Montana and a lot of Rowan Cocoon that I am still debating whether it can be knit without a lot of bulk. I have had my eye on the Classic Elite pattern Duchess for quite some time.

I've been reading some style guides as I evaluate my wardrobe for the fall and the indications are clear: no bulky knits. Lighter weight fibers and vertical lines are the things for me.

The back and fronts of the sweater in Venezia are almost done. It's a wide rib pattern. I've also started Eadon in RYC Silk Wool DK and although I ripped back the first attempt, I'm motoring through the Sally Melville gray cardigan using Suri Merino. All vertical stripes.

Back to the clean out. I'm trying to find patterns for the bulky fibers because I want to give my nieces and nephews ski sweaters for Christmas. Will be swatching away so I can work on measuring gauge. Wish me luck!

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