Monday, September 26, 2011

Christmas is Coming

QVC devoted the entire day to Christmas yesterday. It's in three months. Realistically I should have started my holiday knitting MONTHS ago, but I think I can still make a signficiant impact.

I'll be honest. I spent a lot of time on Saturday watching QVC as well. One of the items offered were Samsonite umbrellas with LED lights. What attracted me were the different prints. I ordered 3 with prints and 3 in black because my brainstorm/revelation/epiphany was that I could give people these umbrellas with hats. Hats are easy, right?

There were also shawls offered and ordered some of those as well. The plan would be to give hats and umbrellas, hats and shawls and for the really special and lucky folks I could give hat, umbrella, shawl and throw in a pair of gloves. I would like that, wouldn't you?

I have to dig up the pattern for the double-faced ski hat knit in mohair. Dropped by Creative Knitworks yesterday and picked up some mohair for two hats.

The incomparable and amazing Keith fixed a pull in the Marias sweater (I haven't even worn it yet!) and helped me get started on a knitted Angry Bird.

These hats will go with one of the umbrellas and one of the shawls. I'm committed

Or I should be.

PS: Stupid green pigs.

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