Friday, July 27, 2007

This is Indie, or Indiana Jones as I sometimes call him--he's a very adventurous fellow.

He is my official Yarn Inspector/Taster. His duties include burrowing into my knitting bags, chewing the yarn (don't tell the vet!) sometimes while I'm knitting it and attacking balls of yarn like they are dangerous intruders in our home (I guess you never know when a skein of yarn will turn on you--and we've all had that happen, haven't we?).

I can't answer the question "what's on your needles" because there are so many projects in the works. While I haven't committed to soley knitting from my stash, I've been trying to finish things...I'm headed to Stitches Midwest on August 9th and think it would be nice to finally wear something that I've made with my own two hands, two sticks and some string. But Indie has not been having any of that lately--he keeps curling up in my lap which curtails my ability to knit comfortably. I sneak in some time on the bus and on the Acela when traveling.

My goal is to finish my Tilli Tomas Disco Lights cardigan--it's in Coral Sap, which looks pink to me--so I can wear it during my classes at Stitches. I'm also working on a scarf--it's a pink and brown ombre silk so it won't be too heavy for summer and --I'm playing with stitch patterns. Wondering if it can be lined? I love the front but don't really like the reverse side. I started a scarf with reversible cables over the winter--it's wool so that one is going to have to wait a while.

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