Monday, July 30, 2007

Probably not wearing anything knitted to Stitches

I can’t find the cable for my camera so I couldn’t upload photos of the projects I’ve been working on. I’m embarrassed to report that very little progress has been made on any one project. Oh, I did a lot of knitting over the weekend—just not on the same project. I’ve got half of the left front of the Disco Light sweater done and changed fiber on the chevron silk scarf—this next skein is a little thinner—no beads—hoping it won’t change the gauge. I tried swatching some cotton from Big Sky Alpaca for a beach hoodie pattern. I like the look of the stitches on a size 6 needle but get 16 st/4” and I need 15…should I risk it? I have lovely ebony circs in size 6.

Speaking of the Disco Lights sweater—I really have to get better at reading patterns all the way through. I made the right front first and missed the directions for buttonholes, so now the sweater will button wrong. Yes, yes, I know, almost no one will notice. But I’ll know. And now you do, too.

I pulled out a bag of different green yarns. I started the throw featured in one of the Yarn Girls Guide books a while ago, but stopped, oh, roughly 1/8 of the way through, when I realized I would have to weave in all those ends. Daunting. I am considering bringing these yarn to Stitches Midwest for my Stashology class—we’re going to design a vest using stash yarn. How useful. You should know I bought the book One Skein to help me work through my stash but ended up buying new yarn for a few projects.

Better get started on my Stitches homework.

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